How to increase exposure for your promotions in three steps


Powerful Promotions: How to use your app to help raise money in just three steps

October 16, 2018

By MobileUp Software

Many schools and professional or cause-based associations partner with businesses in their communities as part of a promotion or fund-raiser.

At MobileUp, one of the more popular examples of these promotions we have seen is when a client partners with a restaurant to receive a percentage of every sale when the promotion is mentioned at the cash register.

If you’ve participated in one of these promotions, however, you know the “mention” often requires more than just the spoken word.

To get the donation, associations or schools typically need to supply its group with a printed coupon or flyer with details of the promotion so the cashier is sure to credit the sale.

Seems simple enough. And most times, it is effective — that is as long as members know about the promotion in the first place and have the information (flyer, coupon, etc.) the business requires when it comes time to pay.

With MobileUp, this process is much easier and effective.

Using existing features, you can turn your app into a powerful tool for publicizing your promotion and empowering your members to participate.

See how!

Follow along with this tutorial. We will show you how to use a combination of our new home screen tools, notifications, and geofences to make sure your next co-promotion is a success and meets your goals.

1) Put the Promotion on Home Screens

In this tutorial, we are going to use the make-believe MobileUp Association as the benefactor of the promotion and the popular Dick’s Sporting Goods as the make-believe partner.

In our imaginary co-promotion, Dick’s has agreed to donate 10% of each purchase on a designated day to the MobileUp Association when a member shows a special promotional graphic at the cash register.

So let’s make sure the members of the MobileUp Association have what they need to qualify for the donation in their app by placing the promotion information on their home screens.

We will use the new “Manage Home Screen” tools as shown in this video:

Use Notifications to Publicize the Promotion
Video Thumbnail

2) Use Notifications to Publicize the Promotion

Now that your app is prepared, we need to be sure the members of the MobileUp Association are aware of the promotion.

Notifications, part of your MobileUp administrator tools, are easy to distribute and effective in reaching your members.

Because the notifications appear directly on your members’ home screens, they are more likely to be noticed than if the same message was posted to busy social media streams or sent to crowded email inboxes.

To build and send a notification, follow these steps:

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3) Use Geofences to Notify Nearby Members

Like many of the company’s locations nationwide, the Dick’s Sporting Goods near the MobileUp office is part of a larger shopping center that attracts thousands of visitors each week.

In situations like this, a geofence provides helpful reminders about your promotion to members when they are in the area.

In basic terms, the geofence includes a geographically based “zone” that detects when a member with your app and location services activated enters the area. When he or she does, a notification appears reminding them about the promotion.

Here is how easy it is to implement this feature in the MobileUp administrator tools:

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Strategic planning and well-executed publicity leads to successful promotions and win-win situations for associations, schools, and their business partners.

Be sure to incorporate your app as part of these endeavors.

With the addition of the new home screen tools, you now can implement the steps in this tutorial entirely on your own!

That said, if you encounter any difficulties or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your MobileUp client services representative at

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