Add a team roster to your app

January 8, 2019

Fans at sporting events arrive with various levels of interest in the action unfolding before them.

Some understand the strategies involved. Some are more into the tailgating, cheerleaders and marching bands. Others are there purely for the human interaction.

And of course, it seems no one attends a game without letting their social networks know about it.
Some people come to watch the game and some don't.

Whatever their motivation for being there, fans focus at least some momentary attention on the game and the players.

And now with your MobileUp solution, you can give your smartphone-toting fans most everything they need to know about the athletes on your teams directly in your app.

For example, let’s take a look at a new “roster” feature we just developed for Lubbock Christian University in Lubbock, Texas.


Lubbock Christian provides its sports team rosters from its MobileUp app starting at the home screen. Let’s start in the Women’s Sports section for this example.


Tap on the sport you’re interested in (basketball in this example) and then tap the “roster” option.

The app displays the team roster and the ability to tap and view information on each player’s position, height, hometown, and other details.

More data adds value to your app

The new roster feature is suitable for high schools and colleges and another example of how you can extend your mobile solution to provide valuable and easy-to-access information to your audience.

“The ability to add and distribute information as needed with our app is very effective in promoting our campus activities,” said Abby White, Student Involvement Coordinator at Lubbock Christian University. “Our athletic teams are a highly visible part of our campus identity. The ability to include the team rosters with schedules in the app helps students and fans build knowledge about what is happening on campus and the students who are involved in these activities.”

Save time, reduce staffing, lower costs

In the case of mobile team rosters, making information available in a MobileUp solution also provides the possibility to save on printing costs and eliminate the need for procedures or staff to distribute paper-based rosters at events.

What’s more, rosters and player information can be updated at anytime with changes pushed to your app in an instant.

Interested in learning more?

If your school could benefit from including team rosters in your app, contact our customer support team for more information.

If you’re new to MobileUp, we help schools and associations develop and deliver on mobile strategies. Contact us or request a demo to see how we can help you!

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