Tips to help you raise awareness and increase downloads of your app

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Marketing Resources: Tips to help you raise awareness and increase downloads of your app

January 30, 2019

By MobileUp Software

Our new Marketing Resources provides several tips and tricks collected by our client services team over the years to help raise an app’s awareness and downloads among your targeted mobile audience.

The dedicated section on our site provides information from general tactics to specific information for each of our customer’s apps.

The Marketing Resources include:

  • A brainstorm-type listing of places throughout your organization, event, or campus where app promotions can be effective in raising awareness.
  • Downloadable images of each client’s app home screen on an iOS and Android device that can be used in advertisements, websites, emails, etc.
  • QR codes that enable users to scan and download one of our client’s apps directly to their phone.
  • Graphical “Download from the App Store” buttons for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for each app.
  • Meta tags that notify mobile visitors to one of our client’s websites that they have an app and where they can download it.
  • Marketing examples (posters, fliers, web pages, emails, postcards, yard signs, contests, and more) our clients have used to promote their apps.

The Marketing Resources section provides overview level information until a client enters their email address.

If the email is recognized, the Marketing Resources will provide specific information for that client’s app (e.g. exact meta tags they can use instead of general explanations).

Existing customers with unrecognized email addresses can be added to the Marketing Resources system by sending a request to

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