Contest Announcement: Enter Our App of the Month Contest to Win Free Kansas City Barbecue


MobileUp Customers: Tell us about your app and you could win free barbecue for your team

June 27, 2018

By MobileUp Software

Your MobileUp app could earn you and your team free food from one of the best barbecue restaurants in our hometown: Joe’s Kansas City.

How to enter

All you need to do is tell us how you are using your app to engage your mobile audience in our App of the Month contest! Enter through the form below.

What we want

We are looking for unique and interesting applications of our technology. Here are some ideas for your entry form:
  • Have you increased participation in an activity at your school or with your association through the use of your app?
  • Are you collecting data now you didn’t have before your app was launched that is helping you develop your engagement strategies?
  • Is your app saving your organization time and/or money by automating otherwise manual tasks or replacing printed or other materials?
  • Have you promoted your app in a creative way (giveaways, posters, advertisements, etc.) that increased downloads and installations?
  • Or are you doing something you think is really cool with your app and you want to tell us about it?
If you have a detailed answer for any of these questions, tell us about it! You could win! Kansas Citians line up for this barbecue. It can be yours for free and without the wait! Kansas Citians line up for this barbecue. It can be yours for free and without the wait!

Rules Overview

We need as many details as you can include in your submission for your entry to be considered for the monthly BBQ prize. Again, we are looking for examples where our app made a difference in your ability to communicate with and engage your mobile audience that you did not have before. Entries will be judged on those merits by the MobileUp staff. That’s it! If you have questions, please contact us.


The prize is lunch on us from Joe’s Kansas City restaurant. Give us a date that works for you and we will have a delicious barbecue lunch sent to your office for your team to share. Joe's Kansas City barbecue. Mmmm.

Submit Your Entry

Be sure to supply as much detail as possible in describing what you are doing with your app to ensure your entry is accepted. Review our sample questions to see the type of information that makes for a quality entry in the contest.