MobileUp Year-Round Member Experience

A single branded solution with the added value of the Event Experience solution creating a year-round community solution.

Member Communication and Engagement

The mobile app can enhance member engagement by delivering many interactive features such as notifications, feed system, surveys, in-app messaging, live discussions, etc.  This encourages active participation and fosters a stronger sense of community among members.

Aggregate and Simplify Content

Creating a common place where all members can gather information, learn and share is invaluable.  All members are on the go these days and having a mobile member app can be the data and content hub that your members rely on.

"The MobileUp team was responsive, helpful, and easy to do business with from our very first call. They made it very easy to select them as our mobile app partner."

Paula Hersey Digital Communications & Website Manager

"The mobile app helps us produce a better conference experience, bringing our members together to learn, share and stay connected."

Cara Harmon, MBA Vice President, Communications and Member Engagement

"In the end, the decision to select MobileUp made it so easy, and the functionality delivered what we needed."

Jose Vargas Executive Director

Integration and Single Sign-On With CMS, CRM & AMS Systems

Leveraging data and providing an easy on-ramp creates a more valuable community.  Providing services to connect with other systems for data exchange or authentication provides a seamless and great experience for app users. 

Member Networking

Membership is about value.  Networking leveraging a mobile member app creates value.  Using various app tools such as groups, in-app direct messaging, directories, and other resources provides greater networking opportunities.

Commerce for Renewals, Registration and Giving

Mobile has become the most popular and most convenient method of secure financial transactions.  Mobile payments allow members to make payments anytime, anywhere using the app.  This saves time for both members and organizations.


Elevate your member and event experience with a mobile solution.

Personalization for Greater Engagement

A mobile app allows organizations to personalize the member experience by delivering relevant content, recommendations, and notifications based on member preferences, interests, and behavior. This personalized approach helps strengthen member relationships and loyalty.


Digital ID

Having a digital member card within the mobile app provides many benefits and value to both your organization and members.  Both organization and member can utilize this piece of the mobile app solution for presentment for such things as check-in, update personal profile data, registration information, credentials, etc.

Event Experience Included

As part of the year-round member app, every client has the ability to create unlimited in-person events with all the functionality as described in the Event App solution.  Unlike any other solution, members, attendees, etc. have a unique experience at every event level from branding to content.

Special Interest Groups

Every organization has subsets of members to ensure their interests are met.  Within this platform, you can meet members interests by creating small groups from committees to advocacy or just allowing interested bloggers to blog.

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