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Deliver a branded solution leveraging current website and AMS.


Provide members and community rich content and networking.


Providing greater access, brand value and networking.


More power in mobile for supporters and families


Strengthen your Alumni Network with a mobile solution


Dependable and content rich year-round communication platform.


Strengthen your community and communication with mobile.

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Trade & Professional

A mobile app branded to your organization can offer tremendous value and benefits to both your organization and your members.  Here are some key value points and benefits.

Year-Round Member App

Conference/Event App

This solution provides everything the MobileUp Connect platform offers in one branded solution.
This solution is a dedicated Event App that can be used throughout the year creating great in-person event experiences.
  • Leverages AMS data and Website content
  • Private Community for Members and Prospects
  • Engagement & Networking
  • Timely Feedback & Input
  • Communication with Feed, Notifications and In-App Messaging
  • Conference/Event Experience
  • Personalized Member Experience
  • Access to Resources and Benefits
  • Dues, Payments, & Donations
  • Event Registration Data Integration
  • Supports Multiple Events
  • Event & Session Check-In
  • Attendance Recording for Credentialing
  • Feedback (Survey’s) for Sessions, Event or other Event Activities
  • Attendee Networking and Collaboration with In-App Messaging & Chat
Overall, a mobile app provides numerous benefits to your organization.  Not only will your members have connection to your organization at their fingertips, your staff will have the tools to compliment existing technologies while also having unique functionality that only a mobile app provides.


Providing a mobile app to your Chamber of Commerce can offer great value and benefits to your Chamber and members including, enhancing communication, engagement, and overall effectiveness in serving your members and community with a dedicated year-round member app or event app. Here are some key value points and benefits:
• Enhanced Member Engagement
Convenient Access to Information
Content Aggregation from Web
Real-Time Communication
Event Management and Registration
Business Groups
• Dues and Payments
• Business Promotion & Directories
• Networking
• Advocacy and Representation
• Member Resources and Support
• Data Insights and Analytics
Overall, having a mobile app for your Chamber of Commerce offers numerous value points and benefits, including enhanced member engagement, convenient access to information, real-time communication, event management and registration, business promotion and networking, advocacy and representation, member resources and support.


There is a common bond amongst your members.  A year-round mobile app or an event app for your in-person events will strengthen that bond even more.  Here are just a few of the benefits of a mobile solution.

Member App

  • Leverages AMS and website content and data
  • Private Community for Members
  • Professional Networking
  • Various communication tools
  • Personalized member exprience
  • Dues, payments and gifts

Event App

  • Event registraion and data integration
  • Supports multiple events
  • Check-In for event and sessions
  • Attendance recording
  • Attendee feedback using Survey tool
  • In-app messaging and chat for networking
Learn more about all the functionality on the specific MemberApp and Event App pages.


Providing a year-round mobile app to your caused-based organization can offer numerous benefits and value to your supporters and followers.  Following are just a few key benefits of providing a mobile app to your organization:
• Increased Awareness & Visibility
Convenient Access to Information
Real-Time Communication
Fundraising & Donations
Extension of Your Web Presence
Special Interest Groups
Volunteer Engagement
Advocacy & Action
Community Building
Data Insights and Analytics
Overall, providing a mobile app to your cause-based organization offers great value and benefits, including increased awareness and visibility, convenient access to information, real-time communication, fundraising and donations, volunteer engagement, advocacy and action and community building. By embracing mobile technology and offering a mobile app, your organization can amplify its impact, engage supporters more effectively, and advance its mission with greater success.

Alumni Orgs

A mobile app for your Alumni association can offer great value and benefits for both your alumni association and your supporters.  Following are a few value points and benefits of providing a year-round mobile app to your organization:
  • Enhanced Alumni Engagement & Feedback
  • Convenient Access to News & Updates
  • Real-Time Communication
  • Aggregation Usage of Web Content and Data
  • Event Management & Registration
  • Benefits & Services
  • Professional Networking
  • Career Support
  • Fundraising, Donations, & Renewals
  • Mentorship & Volunteering
  • Small Interest Groups or Chapters
  • Directories For Easy Data Access
  • Brand Visibility & Recognition
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Dedicated Event App experience for such events as Homecoming, Reunions, and even Commencement
Overall, providing a mobile app to your alumni association offers numerous benefits and value, including enhanced alumni engagement, convenient access to information, real-time communication, event management and registration, professional networking, fundraising and donations, brand visibility and recognition. By embracing mobile technology and offering a mobile app as a part of your member programming, your alumni association can better serve its alumni community, strengthen its network, and achieve its goals and objectives more effectively.


A year-round member app can provide significant value and benefits to an Athletic Collective by providing a constant where one can go and get all the latest news, information and conversation in one secure place.  Some of the benefits and functionality are below.
• Fundraising & Donations
Membership Enrollment & Dues Collections
Real Time Communication
Easy Access to News & Information
Rich Data of Directories
Special Interest Groups & Discussion Forum’s
Personalized Content
Guest Blogging
In-App Messaging/Chat
With today’s environment changing, the accessibility to content and instant communication are more important than ever for Athletic Department and Collectives and mobile provides a great bridge to ensure continuity amongst all interested parties.


There are many uses for a corporate mobile solution.  The powerful thing about our no-code platform is that any organization can utilize the features and functionality that our MobileUp Connect Platform offers and tailor a solution for their organization.
Learn more about all of this on the MobileUp Connect Platform page or reach out to us at


A year-round or event specific mobile app can provide many benefits to the sponsor organization and app users.
Investigate all the features and benefits by reading more about this under the Member App, Event App or MobileUp Platform page to see if your organization can benefit from a mobile solution.  If you wish to have a conversation about your unique interests or needs, please reach out to us at