Events 2.0

In-person Events continue to bounce back since the pandemic shut down this important practice.  Today, industry data shows that in-person events are back to around 75% of the level prior to the shutdown and continues to increase.  This is great news for all of us. 

As the value of in-person events continues to increase, so does the need to provide valuable and effective tools for both staff and attendees.  With our commitment to in-person events, we will continue to listen and act upon the needs and suggestions of our clients and prospects to provide a cost-effective and engaging event app for all attendees.

Today, the MobileUp Event App is used for thousands of events per year.  The typical size of our events ranges from as low as 100 attendees to as high as 5,000 attendees.  As we continue to provide ongoing scalable and rich functionality, these numbers will continue to increase.

Let me now speak to specifics regarding this new release and the parts of our rollout.

Events 2.0 with underlying new backend architecture provides a tremendous amount of power and flexibility for administrators as well as providing more content and app functionality to attendees.

Event Services 2.0This is a key architectural improvement to assist our system administrators in the creation, population, and management of events.  It is the first of many 2.0 releases and will be live in early June.  Below, is a list of these items.

  • Copying of Events – This new tool provides a quick and easy way to create a new event and populate content in minutes, whether taking past event content, upcoming events, or using content from a previous event app platform.
  • Sessions supporting same name but different durations.
  • Ability to link Speakers, Venues, and Rooms to Sessions through a single import rather than having to run an import for each category.
  • New roles for Speakers, Exhibitors, and Sponsors for data segmentation, content rights, and communication before, during, or after the event.

Event App and Console 2.0 – The following functionality will provide greater efficiencies and better data management for both administrators and attendees.  These updates will be released after Event Services 2.0 release as the app and console changes are implemented leveraging the Event Services 2.0 architecture.

  • Add multiple tracks to a session
  • Add multiple levels to a sponsor
  • Add multiple contacts to exhibitors and sponsors to provide attendees the ability to connect with contacts and providing value to both the exhibitors and sponsors.
  • Expanded sponsor profile that will match exhibitor profile providing more content to all attendees.
  • Expose additional system fields (e.g. State of Licensure and Licensee Number) and then display this data on profile page and ultimately the digital ID.
  • Data editing for Speakers, Exhibitors, and Sponsors to edit their own profiles and upload their own documents.

Beyond Events 2.0 – We will continue to focus on data collection to provide both administrators and attendees great value.  Future event app enhancements will provide the following functionality with planned delivery throughout the remainder of 2024.

  • Updated Activities and Check-In feature that will provide attendees with an in-app digital ID Card which will allow badge scanning for attendee check-ins across events, sessions, and other activities with comprehensive reporting.
  • New Resource Services that will allow for more content (document) publishing and sharing across the app.
  • A brand-new web interface for the event experience that compliments the event app experience for those wanting a comprehensive desktop version.

Our commitment today is mobile first, while understanding attendee and administrator needs to create a better overall comprehensive event experience remains our longer-term goal.

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