Success Story: How a 1,000-member association of concrete and aggregate firms improved member connections

TACA Builds Stronger Connections and New Lines of Communication with Mobile App

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Challenge: Building Value and Closer Connections with Members

The Texas Aggregates & Concrete Association (TACA) is the main resource for the aggregate, concrete, cement, and other associated industries in Texas. The association represents its 170 member companies, and 1,000 plus individuals, by providing industry information to the public, media, lawmakers, and regulators.

While TACA leaders have always taken pride in the association’s robust communications initiatives using web, email, print and social, they decided to add a member mobile app to gain a more direct and immediate connection to members through their phones.

Solution: Enhancing Member Communications and Interactions

Andrea Tilley, Manager of Membership & Events at TACA, led the effort to find and implement a mobile app solution for members. Tilley had previous experience using a mobile app designed specifically for TACA events, however, the direction was given to explore new mobile apps with broader capabilities that would not only include event management, but also facilitate instant notifications, advocacy, sponsorships, and group communications.

Tilley and her outside marketing communications firm conducted a three-month search and review of potential solutions. Association experience, features, functionality, and licensing fees varied widely, but Tilley and the team found the right balance
with MobileUp.

“MobileUp’s credibility was high from the very beginning due to their large base of association clients like us,” Tilley said. “They know our world and understand what we need to communicate with members, add value, and keep them renewing.”

Josh Leftwich, TACA President & CEO, also wanted to make sure his staff and members had every tool and advantage available while navigating the challenges of the pandemic.

“MobileUp is making member communications easier, more accessible and more interactive for us and our members,” Leftwich said. “We had always planned to introduce a mobile app to our membership, but the pandemic made it even more important to communicate with our membership in real time. MobileUp gives us the speed and convenience we need for better communications among our staff, our board, and
our members across the state.”

“MobileUp’s credibility was high from the very beginning due to their large base of association clients like us. They know our world and understand what we need to communicate with members, add value, and keep them renewing.”

Andrea Tilley
Manager of Membership and Events,

Benefits: Easy Integration & Immediate Impact

The integration with TACA’s association management software, Naylor, was a key consideration and clear benefit in selecting MobileUp.

“MobileUp took full responsibility for the integration with Naylor which was a heavy load off our shoulders,” Tilley said. “They contacted Naylor, secured the interface details, and then made sure their platform was synched up perfectly with our member directory, ecommerce links and other AMS components. They knew exactly what they were doing.”

TACA was also able to show instant improvements in member benefits and communications in the following areas:

  • Calendar of Events with “Add to My Calendar” features 
  • Instant notifications on events and membership renewal 
  • Membership directory
  • Committee and board meetings and communications
  • Emerging Leaders Academy enrollment and communications
  • Social media channels
  • Fundraiser and contribution options
  • Advocacy information and communications

Going mobile for TACA has also meant reducing the expenses and environmental impact of using paper, printing, and traditional mailings.

“We’ve stopped printing registration lists and using sign-in sheets for our events and attendees,” Tilley said. “Everything is in the app now, which encourages members to use the app, and makes it easier for us to track attendance and engagement with all of our events, training products, services and communications.”

TACA’s success with the app in the first year has been due to its diligence in making it front and center in all communications. To promote awareness and downloads of the app, TACA includes a QR code and download link in all web, print and email communications. TACA leaders and presenters also mention the app during all events to encourage instant downloads.

Results: High Download Rate, Paperless Event Management, and More Engaged Members

Member interest and usage in the first year have been excellent, with over 70 percent of members downloading and using the app. Members routinely provide positive feedback on the overall experience of working with the app and finding what they need.

“The app has been a huge hit with our members,” Tilley said. “Event sign up is easier, they can find member contact information faster with the app’s online directories, and they can renew their membership or pay other fees in one seamless experience if they happen to be browsing with the app. We’re seeing faster signups, renewals, and purchases, which means faster cash flow.”

As for Tilley’s experience in updating and adding to the app, she said the interface has been easy to learn and use. Adding content, links, events, and new sections is quick for her to do on her own, and if she has a question, it’s taken care of right away by the customer success team at MobileUp.

“I tell my colleagues in other associations all the time you don’t need a custom mobile app, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money,” Tilley said. “The MobileUp app has everything you need, from events to engagement, to integrations and communications. It’s a comprehensive and affordable package for anyone looking to add mobile to their communications mix.”