banks association appsBankers’ associations can no longer afford not to have a mobile app in their member engagement arsenal – if they intend to stay relevant in a tech-driven society. Mobile apps are the foremost way to connect, communicate and engage with their banker member base. MobileUp Software has swiftly developed a reputation for creating best-in-class mobile apps for professional associations. Michigan Bankers Association is among MobileUp’s many satisfied clients. They helped MBA replace their old, unsatisfactory mobile app in 2020, and MBA have nothing but good things to share about the partnership.

We’ll explore: 
  • Why bankers associations need to create a mobile app/what pain points an app solves
  • How MobileUp compares to competitors with regard to app features, account management and customer service
  • The process of creating and launching a bankers association app
  • A brief background on MBA


bankers association mobile app

Why Do Bankers Associations Need a Mobile App?

  • Banks themselves have rapidly adopted mobile technology, and it would reflect poorly on bankers associations if they weren’t keeping pace with their own industry.
  • Many bankers associations are falling behind the times, with a poor web presence and/or no presence on mobile, where their members are spending up to 5 hours a day.
  • Mobile apps enable them to consistently reach both younger and older members. Despite differences in how they consume content, apps are nearly universal.
  • Many bankers associations currently rely on one-off emails and social posts, which can create a scattered and disjointed experience for members, and have little to no effect on member engagement. 
  • Bankers associations typically hold a number of events every year that members consider critical to their membership value. An app provides a space where members can seamlessly access the event agenda, sessions and speakers, while supporting overall planning and management.
  • Apps can provide bankers with private, secured forums where they can hold small group discussions’ around everything from policies and regulations to advocacy.


Prior to creating their app, MBA found themselves in this boat. They needed a new avenue to connect with, educate and promote interaction between members. After speaking with other bankers associations, Alyssa Harasim of MBA quickly arrived at the solution:


A mobile app. 


Why Did MBA Choose MobileUp to Create Their Bankers Association App?

MBA’s experience perfectly illustrates why MobileUp was the best suited app provider for bankers associations. After becoming interested in an app, Alyssa attended a conference where she found and fell in love with Kansas Bankers Association’s app. She was referred to their app provider, MobileUp.

The decision came down to MobileUp and a local app developer. MBA ultimately chose the local developer, which they candidly now refer to as a “big mistake.” Alyssa was not satisfied with the app’s capabilities. It had no push notifications – vital to a mobile app’s success – among other flaws. Alyssa was forced to do some of the coding herself, without guidance, and felt largely unsupported by the local app developer’s customer service and development team. 

ryan raccuglia
Ryan Raccuglia, MobileUp Software

Once their contract was up, Alyssa immediately reconnected with the MobileUp rep who had wowed her to the extent that she still remembered him, two years later: Ryan Raccuglia

(Ryan is an expert in matching professional associations with the mobile apps solutions they really need. Click here to schedule a time to speak with Ryan about creating an app. He’s happy to answer any questions you may have.)

The resulting app was a “huge success” that met every one of Alyssa’s expectations. She raves that the customer service at MobileUp was infinitely better than the competitor. She also speaks highly of their programmers: “If I needed anything, they got back to me in 5-10 minutes. It really makes you feel special.” She says. “They have a great product, it’s beautiful. And with customer service, that goes so far when they just check in on you.” Even beyond the implementation stage, Alyssa was impressed that MobileUp continued to reach out, just to see how they were doing. “They actually care about us.” She continues.


The Process of Creating and Launching A Bankers Association App

The first thing Alyssa has to share about the app creation process? “I’d do it again, it was fun.” 

She met with MobileUp’s onboarding representative 7 times “to bounce ideas off of him.” Through a very efficient, organized process that was structured around SmartSheet, Alyssa was guided through every step, told exactly what assets she needed to provide and when, and was given examples to reference. She praises the MobileUp onboarding team for their rapid replies, which showed that MBA’s project was high priority. Alyssa has participated in the launch of 4 apps in the course of her career, and she says “This was the easiest.” The app creation process with her previous provider, by comparison, was “totally disorganized.”


To launch their app and drive downloads, MBA received a useful guide from MobileUp and Alyssa also implemented the following strategies:

  • Specifically chose to launch at a conference or event with a 40 and younger demographic, knowing they would be a good audience for initial adoption.
  • Reached out to her association’s education chapter and asked for 10 minutes to promote the app.
  • Embedded a link on their website that takes users directly to the app.
  • Created a flyer to promote the app, for which MobileUp provided graphics.
  • Promoted the app in a weekly newsletter to CEOs.
  • Promoted the app in community forums. 
  • Created a video talking members through the app. 

 Since the launch, MBA has been pushing their content directly to members through the app, regularly receiving hundreds of downloads and an impressive 100% click through rate.

When asked whether she recommends other professional associations adopt a mobile app, Alyssa gives an emphatic “Absolutely.”


Create Your Very Own Bankers Association Mobile App 


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About MBA: Founded in 1887, the Michigan Bankers Association (MBA) is a trade association of Michigan financial institutions which currently includes more than 2,300 branches located throughout the state with combined assets of over $150 billion. The MBA acts as the official representative of member banks in matters of state legislation and regulation. The Association actively pursues legislation of benefit to the industry and the public at large and opposes those measures which would hamper its members’ ability to serve the needs of their banking customers. The Association also works closely with the American Bankers Association on select issues in Washington, D.C.

The MBA sponsors more than 100 seminars, conferences, banking schools and an annual convention. Our educational programs enhance the ability of member banks to meet their needs in a complex and changing financial industry.

Through its subsidiary the MBA Service Corp, Inc., the MBA seeks ways to help our members retain business, offer first rate service, and increase revenue.  As part of these activities, MBA offers a wide variety of products and services for member banks in the areas of compliance, human resources, management, marketing, and financial literacy, among others. The MBA offers an Associate Membership, works closely with many preferred vendors, and endorses partners that provide banks top quality services, fee income or unique opportunities.