MobileUp Software has partnered with the Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference (GGCLC) to provide a conference experience and alumni engagement app for the organization.

The GGCLC is Canada’s most distinguished leadership development program and has been held every three or four years since 1983. Attendees are emerging leaders in Canada’s business, labor, government, and community sectors.

GGCLC members maintain strong connections after their experiences at the two-week conference and periodically meet at their own events across Canada.

The app was launched at one of these alumni events in May at Calgary, Alberta, and it will continue to be used to connect members leading up to the next full GGCLC in 2020.

“The ability to communicate effectively through smartphones and apps has become more important as our conference and alumni network has progressed through the years,” said Ian Anderson, Executive Director of the GGCLC. “The GGCLC app will provide a valuable service in connecting our future members at their conferences as well as keeping our alumni network robust.”

The app is custom-branded with the GGCLC’s logo and colors and only requires a one-time download. Content is updated over time through MobileUp’s app administrator tools.

At events, GGCLC attendees and alumni use the smartphone app (Apple or Android) to access agendas, speaker biographies, and discussion boards. The app also includes engagement features such as notifications, social media feeds, member directories, and photo galleries for connecting during or between conferences.

The app provides all content in English or French. Users select their preferred language from a menu when the app launches.

The GGCLC adds about 250 new members at each conference to its current base of 2,200 alumni.

“We are honored to serve an internationally recognized and respected organization in the GGCLC,” said Tom DeBacco, CEO and Chairman of MobileUp Software. “The GGCLC had a combination of unique demands with its range of users and bi-lingual requirements. We appreciate the opportunity to work with the GGCLC’s leadership to apply our app-development platform and experience to meet these challenges.”

About the GGCLC

The Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference was created to broaden the perspectives of future leaders in business, unions and public administration so that their decisions are based on a practical understanding of the influence of their organizations on the general welfare of the community. More information is on the GGCLC website at


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