Introducing Discussions, threaded conversation forums for your app


Start the conversations with Discussions

April 5, 2018

By MobileUp Software

Today, we are introducing a new feature called Discussions.

With this new feature, MobileUp app administrators quickly create and manage threaded conversations using their administrator tools. Their mobile users access the conversation categories directly in their association’s or school’s app and trade messages with each other through a familiar online forum interface.

Check out this short introductory video for more information:


A valuable feature for your users and team!

Engage users more often: Discussions are a great way to bring users to your app and keep them coming back. They are designed to get users to engage with your app — and each other.

Gather input and feedback fast: It’s also one of the quickest ways to gauge your mobile users’ thoughts and opinions on any topics that are of interest to the leadership team at your school or association. Simply create the message category and monitor the responses. As an administrator, you can also participate in any Discussion thread with your users to kick-start the conversations.

Private and secure: Discussions remain in the confines of your app and intended mobile audience. Your users must be signed in to comment on topics. Restrict a Discussion to a certain segment of your users by assigning it specific roles in your administration tools.

Quickly build a Discussion on any topic in the MobileUp administrator tools. Your users access the conversations from the home screen of your app.
Your users interact with each other in a familiar online forum format. They can search the messages for topics that interest them and include photos in their posts. Users can also “flag” posts to help administrators identify inappropriate content.
Reports on all activity is available including overall discussions, their related categories, and individual posts.

How to access Discussions

Existing customers with app administrator rights should sign into their accounts. Locate the “Manage Discussions” link on the lower left side to begin. Please contact us at if you need any assistance.

Find out more!

If you are not yet a customer, contact us at or through our demo request form for more information.