Savings On the Go: How to move your organization’s discount program from wallet-size cards to your app

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Savings On the Go: How to move your discount program from wallet-size cards to your app

January 15, 2018

By MobileUp Software

What’s in your wallet? Or more specifically, what’s in the wallets of your organization’s followers?
If it is some sort of business card-sized benefit provided by your association or school, there’s a good chance it could get lost among their driver’s licenses, credit cards, cash, receipts, and other loyalty cards they have. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about most of the clutter. However, we can at least help make your discount program easier to manage for your organization, mobile audience, and supporting businesses and partners.
George Costanza of Seinfeld would lose your discount card.

Tip: Don’t turn your organization’s followers into George Costanza (Seinfeld) with another discount card.

Moving Discounts to Mobile

Through an add-on feature to your app, the MobileUp client services team can convert the paper-based discount punch card concept into an interactive feature in your app.

Our version of the discount card works best with a series of re-usable discounts or promotions your organization is providing or has negotiated with vendors of interest to your association or school.

Some ideas include:


15% off a purchase at a local coffee shop that can be used on four separate visits.


3 free drinks during the exhibition hall happy hour at your conference.


$10 off a purchase at the campus bookstore that can be used on three different visits.

A Closer Look

Let’s put the concept in motion using our first suggestion.

For this example, pretend your organization has partnered with Joe’s Coffee Shop, a local business who has agreed to offer 15% off a purchase on four separate visits in exchange for the publicity your app offers to your mobile users.

Our client services team uses this information to build a digital reward card that is pre-loaded with Joe’s offer. The card can be accessible through a tap on a tile on your home screen or you can also publicize it through a notification.

The following images are for illustrative purposes only. Your actual app and discount card will feature your branding and colors, just like your customizable home screen.

But for the sake of showing an example, these representations show the structure of your card and how your users might find it in your app.


Savings Are a Tap Away

The number of times the discount can be used are represented by individual icons, the four donuts in this example.

To redeem the offer, your mobile users show the digital card in the app when they are at your partner’s business.

The cashier (or the mobile user) then taps one of the icons to make it disappear when they pay.

Your mobile users repeat the process on subsequent visits until the discounts are used as shown in this illustration:


A Renewable Benefit

So good news: The discount program is a smashing success! Joe calls to say he is pleased with the results of the partnership and would like to renew the offer with your mobile audience. In the past, you probably had to re-print discount cards and be sure they were distributed to each one of your mobile users somehow. Not anymore! Features in the MobileUp Administrator Tools “refill” the card at any time as shown in yet another illustration here:

Less Hassle! Save Money!

Our approach to a discount program saves your mobile audience from having to keep track of a paper card and it also helps you and your business partners more efficiently manage the process.

No printing. No card distribution. Easy renewals. It just makes sense!

If a mobile discount card is of interest to you, contact our client services team for more information on the process to add this feature to your app.

The mobile discount card is just one example of the ways we can work with you to make your app more valuable to followers of your organization.

If you have an idea or would like more suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us to help you expand your mobile strategy.

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