Engage your users with less than 4 hours a week of work

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Engage your users with less than 4 hours a week of work

September 7, 2017

By MobileUp Software

All of our clients tell us how hectic and busy they are with the mission of increasing engagement and retention. Whenever there’s change, it’s quite natural to worry about how it will impact your day-to-day work. Onboarding a solution like MobileUp is no different. Our Implementation Team assures you get online quickly, but what about after launch – how much time does it take to get the most out of your purchase?

Every institution is different, but several of our more successful clients tell us they only spend four hours week in our administrative tools to keep their audience engaged. Only one afternoon a week! So what are they doing each week? Generally, these four common tasks.

Content Creation

Certainly the most important task in getting value out of any online, offline, or mobile effort is developing great content. Content needs to be timely, relevant, and more often than not, include a compelling call to action. But remember, more often than not with our solution most of your content is targeted, short Notifications to your audience not incredibly long collateral, emails or web pages. This means getting things done takes less time and shouldn’t require a long arduous approval process. It’s only 235 characters so design your processes like you would for a text message or a tweet, not a web page or printed piece of collateral.

Configuring Location Services

When you have a bigger event on the calendar, one great way to measure its impact is by simply setting up a GeoFence to track who attended and how long they stayed. If you’re in a meeting with a Dean who wants to know how students use the library, it’s very simple to set up GeoFences and local Beacons to get detailed usage analytics in an unobtrusive way. And in both of these examples, your users do nothing except carry their phone with them and we all know that will happen.

Customer Service

Anytime you provide services and content behind a login screen, you will need to budget time to help folks with login/credentials support. Remember, you don’t need to put all your content behind an authenticated wall – but you have the flexibility to implement the application to your own specific needs.

Review Reports

MobileUp makes it easy for you to report a great deal about your audience, it’s adoption of the product, the most popular features, Location Services data, and student engagement. Taking a small amount of time each week to monitor this data is no different than keeping an eye your website traffic. Many of our clients also export data from MobileUp supplementing it with user demographics for an even clearer view of engagement.

As you can see, with just a little bit of effort, you can get a great deal of value from using MobileUp to increase your engagement.