Increase engagement 3x with a MobileUp solution

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Increase engagement 3x with a MobileUp solution

July 26, 2017

By MobileUp Software

One of the most common metrics of the internet era is web traffic. Most every marketing tactic implemented is designed to drive traffic to someplace on the web. And of course this engagement is measured by traffic.

A client of ours recently shared an amazing statistic: their solution from MobileUp was driving 75% of their website traffic. This means their mobile app is creating 3x more engagement with their publicly available website compared to existing practices like email campaigns and SEO.

Mobile apps have some distinct advantages compared to older techniques to engagement:

Apps are top of mind.

Getting an app installed on a mobile phone keeps your message top of mind with your audience. A recent study showed that on average users touch their phone over 2,500 times a day. Every press of the Home Screen button puts people only a swipe and tap away from your content. Using a browser on a computer cannot compare.

Notifications are interruptive.

It’s pretty easy to miss an email from your college or association among all the other messages in your inbox. Notifications literally light up your phone and demand a recipient’s attention. Administrators need to use this power carefully, but if you’re respectful of your audience, and look to segment content when it makes sense, you can find a great, responsive way to connect in real-time and outside the confines of an inbox.


Too often website become the kitchen sink of content. Lots, and lots of content that isn’t always organized in logical manner. A mobile app allows you to get your audience directly from a notification directly to the content or action on your website. Also the design of most mobile apps invite exploration, especially when users have a free moment to browse.