One App – Unlimited Experiences

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One App - Unlimited Experiences

July 10, 2017

By MobileUp Software

By now, most organizations realize they need an app to better deliver their messages to their audience and their increasing dependence on mobile devices. That sounds easy if your organization has one focus and one group of people to reach. However, most organizations have multiple initiatives and their targeted audience includes people with varying interests and needs for information. The more customers we encounter, the more we realize this situation is the rule and not the exception. That is why we built our solution under the premise of One App, Unlimited Experiences. Our approach lets your professional association, student activities office, or alumni association confidently make the investment in a mobile strategy. Here’s how:
  • We work with you to build a visual framework for your app that includes your logo, colors, and other images that leave no doubt who the app is from.
  • We place it in the app stores (Apple App Store and Google Play) for you and handle all updates and maintenance.
  • We then give you all the tools you need to create custom content and deliver it to the user segments you want in ways they will want to consume and interact with it.
Take the example of higher education. A single app from MobileUp with our configurable content offerings enables you to take students from the first day on their campus all the way to alumni status. Something like this: One App - Unlimited Experiences Or in the case of an association, you can manage your membership and you conferences and meetings with the same app. (You don’t need multiple apps!) Our approach brings the power of mobile to your organization with real savings in startup costs and your time to manage the app. You also reap the benefits that a native app in the hands of your users delivers from heightened engagement to previously hard-to-get data for driving your decisions.