Frequently Asked Questions

We love helping people and organizations connect more often, engage more effectively, and build better relationships through mobile technology.

Our team has been building apps since the original app stores opened. We used to build custom apps from the ground up but soon realized there was a better way to meet our customers’ mobile needs, budgets, and timelines. That’s why we created¬†our Saas-based mobile delivery platform.

With its pre-built modules and functionality, we can cost-effectively meet almost any mobile engagement need in less time and with lower costs than the typical custom app development process. Our platform is also flexible, meeting specific branding, data, and feature requirements of individual organizations.

We provide 365 mobile engagement solutions through custom-branded native apps and our mobile delivery platform. This combination gives you leading edge mobile functionality that is managed through browser- and app-based forms and point-and-click tools. No programming or mobile development expertise is required. Our platform is SaaS-based, meaning you access it through the internet with no software to install, upgrade, or maintain.

We also offer a conference app solution complete with its own management console that gives you an easy-to-build and full-featured event app at an affordable price.

Our solutions are for any organization who has a base of members or students who they need to keep informed and engaged in their causes and activities through mobile technology.

Some examples:

Prices are dependent on use case. Please request a demo to get a quote.

Yes! Our partner program offers software companies, AMCs, agencies, IT consultants, publshers/printers, and other companies access to our platform for provisioning apps for their customers. Check out our partner page for more information or contact

Here are just a few ways to tell if a MobileUp solution can help you:

  • You need a custom app but hate the thought of paying tens of thousands of dollars and waiting months to get it for your association, school, or organization. We can provide a custom app for less costs and faster than other development methods using the established technology from our mobile delivery platform.
  • You are frustrated by building and sending communications (emails, website announcements, social media posts, etc.) that are never answered and need a different way to reach and engage your members or students. We can provide you with a presence on your members’ or students’ smartphones and tools to get their attention in a manner they have grown accustomed to.
  • You recognize smartphones are everybody’s preferred method of communication and wish you had a way to leverage their popularity for your engagement efforts. See our platform page to get started.

Based on our experience with our clients, a few hours a week (less than 4 in some cases) managing a MobileUp app has generated a 5x increase in engagement rates compared to email and other outreach efforts.

Some results may be immediate. Savvy organizations understand how their members prefer to consume information on their mobile devices. Apps are now expected by people when they affiliate with an organization, putting those organizations without their own app at a disadvantage by relying solely on email and other inefficient methods.

Watch a short 15-minute-or-less demo with one of our app experts and see if an app from our mobile delivery platform is right for your association, organization, or school.

If managing an app sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry. You don’t need to know how to write any code or have any mobile or app experience. Many of our clients succeed in engaging their user base with our apps using small teams (1 to 4 people).

Sign up now and we will provide a dedicated account manager that will walk you through the set-up process, train you on the tools, and be available to help with any post-launch questions and marketing strategies. Also, you can add as many team members to your account and this training you want without additional costs.

Getting your association’s own custom app has never been easier. Sign up for a demo. If you decide to move forward, we will guide you through the entire process from setting up your accounts at the app stores to launching your app to your members. The process can be completed in about 6 to 9 weeks in most cases and we will handle all the technical details for you. As part of your annual purchase price, your client services rep remains your contact after your app is in the stores to help with questions and app adoption strategies.

Isn’t it time to start getting measurable and increased responses to your member or student engagement efforts? An app delivered from our mobile engagement platform fits your members’ or students’ lifestyles and your budget and timeline. Give us 15 minutes to show you how you can improve your engagement and retention levels. Schedule a demo today.